Hitching? AI War 2? Keith says: “Ha.”

Well… okay then!  Keith already moved the simulation off the main thread in the course of just this morning.  Unbelievable.  On my main machine, a GT72VR GRE Dominator Pro (so GTX 1070 and latest i7), I’m sitting pegged between 180fps and 200fps during the opening battles with all the settings cranked up and 8x MSAA and so on.  Almost no giant lag spikes – amazing!

What is kind of odd is that now there are some GUI.Repaint spikes every so often that take 35ms to execute, but they are only every few seconds at most from what it seems like.  I’m not sure what the deal is there, but it’s something to do with Unity’s GUI internals.  I’m not happy about it, but one long frame every few seconds is not something I was really aware of until I did the profiling and saw it.  I wasn’t noticing it while playing.

Strangely, the occlusion culling spikes seem to have disappeared, too.  I don’t really trust that, because if they disappear for random reasons then they can come back for random reasons, too.  But it makes it no longer an imperative thing that I try to fix that in the next week… since right now there’s nothing available to even fix.  But when it comes back… I’ll be ready and waiting. 😉

Anyhow… way to go, Keith!  I’ll have to retest this on my mac later today and see how things feel now.

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