AI War 2 Music – Patreon for Pablo Vega

Hello Arcen fans,

I’m really excited to announce the launch of something that has been in the works for about a year. Chris reached out to me a while back and mentioned that it would be great for our fans to get an inside look at the music creation for our games, and help get more of what they love.

Many of you have reached out not only about sheet music for the compositions but also about my process. How do I get started? Where does the inspiration come from? How do I choose instrumentation? I’m happy to finally share all of these things with you, and here is how we’re going to do it:

Patreon is a company that allows musicians and artists to be able to share their work as well as facilitate patronage between artists and their fans. I have been composing music for Arcen Games since 2009 (starting with the original AI War: Fleet Command soundtrack), but as most of you know I am no longer working full-time. Patreon will make it possible for me to be able to continue composing and at the same time give you even more input on what gets created!

Right now the focus is AI War, and the tiers of patronage are based around that.

– For $1/month you will get access to my patron-only feed, including weekly blog posts and updates on my compositions.   I will take an in-depth look at the upcoming AI War 2 soundtrack to start.

– For $5/month, you can also join into polls for sheet music.  I’ll release the piano sheet music for one track every month — from any Arcen title — based on what gets the most votes.  Anyone at this tier can also get access to any prior sheet music released this way.

– For $10/month, you can also join in monthly livestreams where I’ll spend an hour in front of the camera answering questions on a twitch stream and playing bits of songs as requested.  If you can’t make the livestream, then you can submit questions in advance, and watch the video later at your convenience.

The BEST part, however, is that for every $1000 generated through patreon, I’ll compose a new track for AI War 2.  So, quick math, if we have 100 $1 backers, then every 10 months that’s a new track for AI War 2.  Free for everyone, but with you guys hearing it first and getting an ultra high-quality file of it.  If we have 10 $10 backers, 25 $5 backers, and 275 $1 backers, then that is a new track every other month. :)

Fans of AI War have made it possible for me to do what I love, and I hope you will consider becoming a patron.  I’d love to grow the soundtrack for AI War 2 over time, with your help at whatever pace, while also giving you other goodies along the way.  My wife, my two baby girls, and I can’t thank you enough for your support throughout all these years.  I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do what I love, and that wouldn’t be possible without you.

Thank you so much for your consideration. I hope to see you all on Patreon!

Pablo Vega