Blue’s work on the new Lightning Corvette.

This is something I’m really jazzed to show you — it’s basically the replacement for the Electric Shuttle from the first game, except a bit revamped in a good way.

You may recall that Blue has been working on icons lately?  She actually finished those up yesterday, and the ball has been in my court since then.  She’s moved on to working on other things, including the Eyebots (not yet painted, but modeled) and then what you see above.

There are a variety of higher-priority ships than these that Keith put on his list, but I’ve been sampling from a few areas simply to get us a few more small ships earlier than later in the art process.  Those are a nice break for Blue compared to doing all the really giant ships first.  Variety being the spice of life, and all that.

No release today, but there should be one tomorrow, I expect.  Lots of things have been inwork, it’s just one of those times where it doesn’t fit to do a release on a given day.


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