AI War 2 v0.779 Released! “Quick Starts” Plus new trailer!

Release notes here.

This marks the first build of the game that is available to press to preview.  How nerve-wracking!  There’s still a lot we need to finish up in the next two weeks prior to Early Access when it comes to polish and bugfixing, but we have to actually let people see the game at SOME point.  I’m really pleased with how this particular build is feeling, though.  There are still known issues, but the fundamentals are really strong.

One of the cool new things in this build is the addition of quick starts, which folks have been asking for forever.  It basically provides a really handy way to get into the game without having to ever touch the lobby and all its complexity.  Which is doubly good right now, because the lobby is still a mess of temporary UI.  The quick starts will be hugely useful long after the lobby is polished, though, because they allow for easy choices of cool scenarios.

If you want to create a quick start option of your own (please feel free!), you can simply go through the following process:

  • Create a game with the settings you want.
  • Save it.
  • Write up a little description about it, and put a name for it.
  • Send it to us on the forums or mantis.

It’s very straightforward!

There are also a number of changes in this build to make things prettier and to fix a fair list of bugs.  More to come soon!

Oh right… we also have a new trailer!  Huge thanks to Pepisolo for going all-out on this one.  He really put in a ton of time, and it shows:

The Usual Reminders

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