AI War 2 v0.758 Released! “Release The Warden”

Release notes here.

A collection of bugfixes and balance fixes, mainly.

The big news is that the Warden and Hunter fleets now get off their butts again and will actually come after you in a majorly scary way.  The Dark Spire also spawn at a more menacing rate, and the minor factions no longer do the job of killing tachyon sentinels for you.  Oh, and hey, the hunter and warden types now actually have more than one entry each!

This should change up the game a ton, just on its own.  Major thanks to Badger on basically all of it.

On my end, I’ve been working on the stats revamp that comes prior to the procedural stats mentioned in that giant essay from last release.  It’s coming along well, and I hope to have all that out this week.


The Usual Reminders

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