AI War 2 v0.754 Released! “Shifting That Furniture”

Release notes here.

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About This Release

Okay!  Now on to the actual business at hand.

  • There are a couple of bugfixes in here, although nothing really groundbreaking.  Not a whole lot of content on that front, but some good bits.
  • The main planet view GUI itself has been HUGELY rearranged in order to be more usable and to block less of your view.

Regarding the new planet view GUI changes, one of the things I want to remind you is that it will definitely feel awkward at first if you’ve been playing the game and got used to the sidebar being on the right.  And, to head off any potential controversy: yes, if people really freak out about this, we’ll change it back.

THAT said, having this on the left actually makes a lot more sense, as has been pointed out to me recently.  Your eyes have to do less work, the overall interface reads in a more sensible order, and so on.  I’ll be honest that I’m still getting used to it, myself (it’s been all of a couple of hours for me that this has been on the left, and none of that was really playing the game, just testing the gui).  It feels strange, as all change does.

My guess, though, is that if someone comes to the game cold, they’ll not find it strange at all, and it’s demonstrably more convenient in its proximity to the tooltips and general eye gaze.

Less controversially, the top bar has been ergonomically compressed in a helpful way, the ships sidebar lost some elements that were unused or just plain cluttery, and the concept of a galaxy map minimap is something that I’m discarding because frankly I don’t have time to do it while polishing everything else, and it takes up too much space.  It doesn’t feel needed.

Overall, your view of the screen is now a lot better, and you can always tell what planet you are at easier, too.  Even if we move the sidebar back to the right, those other bits were a win.  Oh –and regarding the sidebar, I’ve figured out a new sizing technique for it that is going to be key in some of the lobby work I have planned, too.  So that’s really really good.

Quick reminder of our new Steam Developer Page.  If you follow us there, you’ll be notified about any game releases we do.



2 Replies to “AI War 2 v0.754 Released! “Shifting That Furniture””

  1. Looking at the screenshot with “I haven’t looked at the game in awhile” eyes, I’d like to make a suggestion.

    All of the icons are too large without enough space to breath. Compare to this crappy version I did in about 1 minute where I resized 3 icons to 70% size:

    I honestly think it could even smaller to 60% or even 50% of size.

    That goes for the “Tab view icons” and doubly so for the icons in the “Your ships” list.

    White spaces helps things breath and feel constructed.

    But I’m just a random programmer, so take my opinion with salt. 🙂

    1. I definitely see your point… it’s a tricky thing, though, for all of the various screen resolutions. I’m playing on a 4K TV as my monitor, but only using a tiny portion of it for the game because I sit 2ft from the TV as you would a monitor. If I were playing on the whole screen, it would be different. And for someone playing on a 17″ CRT, it’s different yet again. Legibility of those sidebar icons is really a challenge so far.

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