AI War 2 v0.743 Released! “Music Blooms”

Release notes here.

Surprise!  The soundtrack is here. 🙂

For all kickstarter and backerkit backers with that as a reward, you should have an email now with the link to download it, or you can log in here to download it:

For everybody else, these tracks are now a part of the game in general and something you get to enjoy as you play.  I’m super thrilled with how Pablo did this soundtrack, and it’s absolutely a huge one when you combine in the various returning tracks from Classic, the unused Stars Beyond Reach tracks that are being used in this game, and then of course the new compositions.

On an unrelated note, the bloom style and levels have been adjusted.  Various folks requested this, and it was bugging me, too, but getting just the right algorithm and getting it tuned just right so that it’s there, but not overwhelming –and also not flickery with fast motion — can be a tall order.  Fortunately I think I finally have a solution in place, although some specific emissive objects might need their emission levels adjusted either up or down.

Repeating myself from last release, and probably for the next few releases: behind the scenes Keith is still working away on the first wave of the pivot.  None of that is in this release, but it’s coming along. 🙂

As a reminder, we’re running a deep discount on the original AI War and its expansions.  If you don’t already have that game, now’s a super good time to pick it up.  If you haven’t got the sequel yet (via kickstarter/backerkit), then now is also a super good time to wishlist the sequel.  If you wishlist it, you’ll be notified when it goes to Early Access and when it goes to 1.0.



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