AI War 2 v0.742 Released! “Darkly Loading Spire”

Release notes here.

Not sure why I went with a Dexter reference, but the new Dark Spire faction certainly are murderous.  Thanks once again goes to Badger for implementing yet another faction into the game.  Holy smokes this guy is on fire.  The Dark Spire are a bit more involved this time around, which is quite fun.

On my end, I’ve mostly been working on optimizing how the game loads, including pretty much halving the startup time as well as giving you visual feedback on what is going on instead of the application seeming to be hung.  This makes development and testing faster on our end, and gives a much better first impression for anyone coming to the game fresh, so I figured I’d go ahead and knock that out now.

Repeating myself from last release, and probably for the next few releases: behind the scenes Keith is still working away on the first wave of the pivot.  None of that is in this release, but it’s coming along. 🙂

As a reminder, we’re running a deep discount on the original AI War and its expansions.  If you don’t already have that game, now’s a super good time to pick it up.  If you haven’t got the sequel yet (via kickstarter/backerkit), then now is also a super good time to wishlist the sequel.  If you wishlist it, you’ll be notified when it goes to Early Access and when it goes to 1.0.



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