AI War 2 v0.719 Released! “Do Not Feed The Turrets”

Release notes here!

When players keep telling us turrets are underwhelming, we buff them. This time the buff-o-matic was really cranked up. The AI isn’t very happy about the result (despite having a few turrets of its own). There are also several other changes to make turrets work better (all waves launching in the AIWC style, AI ships no longer popping out some distance from the wormhole, etc). Are they still underwhelming? Let us know.

What else is there?

New Shot Graphics!

Reworked Unit Icons!

New backer-commissioned Ark! (The AI is looking forward to educating you about glass houses)

Performance Improvements!

Resource-Production Techs!

A bunch of bugfixes, balance changes, and miscellaneous improvements!

Ok, I’m all out of exclamation points… oh, here’s one more.


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