AI War 2 v0.600 Released! “Tutorial Engine”

Release notes here!

This one is the first version available to our kickstarter backers as a whole, instead of just the earlier testing groups.

The game is still very much in testing and development, however 🙂

That said, there’s one new key piece: an in-game tutorial, and the engine which makes more of those possible. One of the hardest things to do in maintaining AIWC was changing the tutorial, to the point that we hardly expanded it at all as the game grew, and only updated it for the most fundamental of changes.

Tutorial creation is much easier for us this time around, and highly moddable. There’s currently no way of selecting between different tutorials, but that will come soon, and in the meantime if you’re interested in writing your own you can look at “Scenario_Tutorial_01” in the code and the various thing’s it’s connected to. You could then change the Tutorial button to call yours instead of ours, for testing.

When the framework is more stable perhaps we’ll post a tutorial on writing tutorials 😉


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