AI War 2 Alpha v0.123 “Ship Batch 4 of 7, And A Metric Ton of Improvements” released!

The release notes are here, and huge.

I’ve been neglecting to update the blogs, instead just posting to the forums and the kickstarter comments section when the last few releases went up.  Honestly?  Finding a picture for each release was taking too much time, so I’m skipping that here.

Anyway, Keith has been in process adding all of the for-start-of-early-access ships, and this is batch 4 out of his 7 for that.  There are more ships for 1.0, but those will be in batches coming after May.

This build also has a huge number of things that I’ve wanted to do for a while, ranging from a cheats console to bugfixes with errant ships and ship selection statuses, to better zoom.  Some of these were thanks to Keith helping me out whittle down my list.

Meanwhile Keith has also added a bunch of new AI capabilities, and so things continue to develop on that front.  Things like the black hole generator you’ll also notice are very similar to how they were in Classic, but improved to be a bit more graceful in how they work with the game.

Things are going well!  Cinth and Blue and myself are also busy on art things, and a wide variety of pieces are coming together all at once for the Early Access launch later this month.  Still quite a ways to go in terms of the feel of polish (which is presently utterly absent), but we’re getting there. 😀

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